Matt Barry


I was born in northern California in a town called Palo Alto. I began my photographic journey at a young age, shooting with my father’s Nikon FM camera. I've always loved how the camera creates an entry point to an alternate universe - one where time seems to slow, where life invites a closer look, and ultimately a pursuit that grants a deeper meaning to everyday moments. As I started to travel the world and and meet many amazing people I found that I would turn to my camera to help me both record and interpret the world around me. And however exotic the locale might be I keep returning to people.  I love the stories written in faces and deep within eyes. And I get very energized when I can collaborate and form friendships with others to create visual stories that people can carry with them.


My work seeks to unite both exterior and interior truths - layering color, texture, emotions and narrative to form images that give pause and inspire.  I work with a number of top modeling agencies in the city, including Option Model & Media, SLU, and Ryan Artists.  I truly enjoy working with new and experienced models alike to develop stunning portfolios that will help accelerate their career progression.


Based in Portland, Oregon, I enjoy traveling the world, the arts of all kinds and cultivating meaningful relationships with clients and collaborators. Whether traveling to faraway lands or exploring the inner self in studio and on-location I invite you to join me on this journey.  

Oh, and fun - we must have heaps of fun.


Matt Barry is available for consultation, guest writer/presentation opportunities, workshops and classroom teaching, in addition to commercial advertisement and other assignments.

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